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Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen book download

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen by Roger M. Butler

Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen

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Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen Roger M. Butler ebook
ISBN: 0139149538, 9780139149535
Page: 496
Format: pdf

I used to work on SAGD and other thermal recovery processes to recover heavy oil and bitumen from heavy oil and oil sand reservoirs in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen. The onset that the 'tar sands' classification is scientifically incorrect , as he explains that “[tar sands] terminology should be avoided because oil sands are neither tar nor sands…tar is not a raw material; instead, it is a residual product that remains after severe thermal cracking of heavy oil”. GO Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen Author: Roger M. Language: English Released: 1991. Because of “reserve growth,” a country or a company may increase its oil reserves without tapping new areas if it can recover more oil from its known fields. In the 1960s, introduction of thermal recovery technologies (application of steam technology) caused abrupt and substantial additions to reserves in fields that contain heavy oil (American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity less than . Can oil sands/heavy oil/bitumen be mined or recovered through steam injection in an environmentally sustainable way that does not compromise valuable freshwater supplies? Covering the spectrum, Speight explains the current methods of recovery for heavy oil and tar sand bitumen technology, broken down by thermal and non-thermal methods. A tiny Canadian oilsands company has struck a deal with a subsidiary of China's state-owned oil corporation, agreeing to trade information on oilsands technology and potential exploration efforts. EOR is the extraction of additional oil from fully developed fields, using a variety of methods beyond conventional waterflooding or gas injection, to maintain reservoir pressure. A CNOOC limited offshore project, and Sunshine Oilsands' research of the 'multi-component thermal fluid thermal recovery technology' gives a possible indication that it could work economically in bitumen reservoirs,” co-chairman Songning Shen said in a press release.

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